Violence Trends, Patterns and Consequences for Black Males in America: A Call to Action

Rates of violent victimization and offending among young black males have declined substantially over the past couple of decades, serving as a welcome reversal to an epidemic growth in violence during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Yet rates for these young boys and men remain alarmingly high, and their disparate experience with violence sets them apart from nearly every other demographic group including black men older than 25, white men, and black women. This report paints a detailed picture of the trends and patterns of violent offending and victimization among young black males as well as the profound consequences this violence wreaks upon not only the lives and futures of these boys and young men but that of their families and communities as well. Summarizing and marshalling the latest scientific research, this report seeks to galvanize leaders to take vital action across our nation’s cities to reduce violence and violent deaths among young black males.

A note about this report

Although the first section to this report will provide trend data on homicide offending among black males, the bulk of the report will be devoted to understanding homicide victimization trends, patterns, and consequences for young black males. The second and third reports in this series will then examine predictors and factors associated with violence among young black males as well as evidence-based interventions for reducing that violence.

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