5 Compelling Reasons Why Cities United Works

Apr 3, 2015

5 top reasons why Cities United is worth the investment of your time and energy

by Erica D. Atwood,
Director of Black Male Engagement
Office of the Mayor,
City of Philadelphia


1. Cities United is tailored for government.
  • CU provides solutions that are applicable to your budgets, municipal hiring
    practices, law enforcement culture and more.
  • CU delivers authentic, peer-to-peer opportunities to learn from and collaborate with other cities.
2. Real resources are attached to Cities United.

CU provides:

  • Experts who will work with cities to help take their work to the next level
  • Templates that can be readily adapted for immediate use
  • Power to activate local foundations so cities can present their strategic needs andfinancial short falls for review and support
  • Help to develop a plan and the ask
3. Cities United is a safe space to talk about racial equity.
  • CU provides the communication tools to navigate this tough conversation
  • Recently, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Louisville hosted trainings for CU philanthropic organizations, community partners and key city municipalities around racial equity. This resulted in aligning policies and programming in ways that support positive outcomes for black men and boys, and their families.
4. We are a community.
  • Experience the support of hundreds of colleagues who have been where you
    are; who are willing to walk you through the fire; and who will run the victory
    lap with you.
  • Immense hope lies in the knowledge that every morning we all wake up with the same goal: how to make our communities better.
5. Cities United is results-oriented.
  • By 2020 CU intends to reduce violence in our cities by 50%.
  • Every day, the goal is to save lives.
  • If you’re like me, you look forward to mornings when you discover that no one has been shot, no child has committed suicide, and there are less children than yesterday in our detention centers.
  • CU stands on the frontlines of change.
  • CU understands that our work is about the creation of hope, the empowering of youth and a keen eye on the future.


I’ll see you in Philadelphia, in just a few weeks, at the 2nd Annual CU Convening!


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